For six weeks in the autumn of 2015 my family and I harvested over 4000 kilos of olives from our five acres in the Valle d’Itria area of Puglia, southern Italy.  The olives were milled into a delicious, fruity and nutty extra-virgin oil with a low acidity level of 0.02%.  The olive trees, some of which are over 400 years old, are nestled among almond, walnut, cherry, fig, pear, persimmon and pomegranate trees, on land that has been farmed solely organically for the last 15 years.   It was an exceptionally good year for olives, following 2014 as one of the worst olive years in history.  The weather was perfect and the company, a mix of family and friends, even better.  It was such a joyful and beautiful harvest.