TRULLO RESTORATION in Photo and Sketch

We restored our trullo!

This two-cone trullo on our property is around 200 years old. At some time in the past the two cones were covered with a cementitious plaster, probably because it was leaking.  I like to think of trulli (plural of trullo) as having two independent and completely necessary systems- the structural system and the water-shedding system (more on the construction of a trullo in the sketches). The structural system is a corbelled dome while the water-shedding system is comprised of stone shingles (chianche).  We restored the water-shedding system of the trullo by first removing the plaster, and then removing and reinstalling the stone shingles.

The  project began in 2014 when we started restoring the large cone during a Trullo Restoration Workshop that I had coordinated (see the full project here) with the help of 17 people from 6 countries, lead by a local trullaro (master trullo builder). The small cone remained unfinished, under plastic, until May of 2016 when we finally had the time, and help from a good friend, to complete the work.

View the photos and sketches below to learn more about the process of how we did it.