US Road Trip

In September 2016 we embarked on The Great American Roadtrip. We were four in total- one born and bred Ohioan, the other three not so easily defined, but mostly European let’s say.  It was a pilgrimage of sorts, to the birthplace of one of my teenage travelling companions, an earthship in Silver City, New Mexico. We left the skyscrapers of Chicago and went east to go west, first to Detroit and then through America’s heartland called the Midwest. Eager to leave the plains after two days of driving, we dove into the mountains and deserts of the New Mexico and Arizona. For these three weeks (although a road trip in the US is never long enough) we observed and absorbed the different landscapes and cultures of these somewhat united states, with friends and family, tents and mosquito repellent, long car ride conversations and mixtapes. This is some of what we saw.